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Top 10 Carpet Cleaner Rental in Canada

Carpets can give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning. No matter what you do, a speck of dust continues to linger about and gets on your nerves. So, we have rounded up the top 10 carpet cleaners available for rental in Vancouver, Canada.

If you wanted to clean that beautiful white carpet you own, now is the time to do it.

Say goodbye to those specks without spending huge amounts of money on steam cleaners, and get them for rent.

Let’s discuss the options available options and their virtues, including round checks, services offered, operating hours, contact information, and basic information.

But first, let’s discuss the basic carpet cleaner rental in Vancouver.

How much do Rental Services for Carpet Cleaning Cost?

In Vancouver, prices can vary due to differences in labor or the type of carpet cleaning machines Available for rent. But here we give a basic idea for comparing prices.

  • Per room carpet cleaning should be in the range of $30 to $70

  • Rug cleaning costs around $45 to $75

  • Any additional services are in the range of $10 to $20

On average, small apartments would cost around $70 total for rental cleaning services. The price can go up to $300.

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner Rental in Vancouver

After discussing the basic information, you now have to choose the company that suits your needs best.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

Refresh carpet cleaning is one of the best services available in Vancouver. It is an excellent suggestion for people looking to remove permanent stains.

They begin with inspecting your carpet and then move on to treat your carpets. Following this, the company employs steam to deep clean, and then use a finishing solution to finish it off.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 332-1463


  • Open 24 hours a day

  • 4-step cleaning process

  • Future stain protection

  • Booking them can be difficult

New Clean Carpet Cleaning

This by far has to be the best option in Vancouver. The company has several top-notch carpet cleaning machines to choose from that offer a comprehensive cleaning process.

Their staff is well-trained and catches stains on a carpet instantly. The company charges no hidden fees, so feel free to hire them. They follow a rigorous process to eliminate tough stains and keep your carpet fresh.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (778) 887-0969


  • Cleans and dries very fast

  • Rotating dirt filter

  • Large capacity clean and dirty tanks

Dazzle Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

This company values its customers. With eco-friendly and high-tech types of equipment available for rent, they have a plethora of options.

The unique part is that their cleaning products are free of any strong scents, so if you’re not a fan of them this company is a good option.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 913-7325


  • Scent-free

  • Eco-friendly

  • Not ideal for people who like after scent

Green Works Carpet Care

This company goes beyond just carpet cleaning. Other than just carpet cleaning, they offer mattress, leather cleaning, and even deodorization.

Due to all these features, this company is a prime choice when your home requires multiple needs. The feature that stands out here is the Rotovac Service, which removes tough stains with ease. The technology uses brushes, spray jets, and vacuums to remove specks of dirt, pet hair, stains, all in one go.

This company is perfect for families who have pets and need multiple services.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 518-8111


  • Odor removal has a high cost

  • Very good choice for pet owners

  • Multiple services available

All-Pro Carpet Cleaning

All-Pro has over 25 years of experience in the cleaning market. They employ non-toxic cleaning solutions that are not only safe for humans and animals but also the environment.

The hot water compartment removes any bacteria or dirt on the surface of the carpet. The great thing about this company is that they offer a 30-day cleaning warranty. So at any point in the one-month period, you feel like something is missing you can always avail this offer.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (416) 770-6363


  • Removes odor

  • Offers tile and grout cleaning as well

  • Thoroughly cleans different types of rugs such as Persian rugs and Oriental rugs

Clean My Carpet

Clean my carpet offers cleaning rental machines for both residential areas and commercial ones. Although the business specializes in only cleaning services, they have many add-on services.

Amidst the other services they offer, they also include mattresses and upholstery.

Contact Information:

Phone number: 416-613-5806


  • Commercial as well as residential cleaning

  • Rug cleaning

  • Installing of carpets also available

  • Tile and grout cleaning

SmithWerks Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

This is probably a very famous company with its branches all around Vancouver. The company is well-reputed due to their extraordinary services available.

Their well-trained staff makes sure that every inch of your house is clean. They also offer an estimate of the total charges before offering their services, which gives you a good idea of what to pay for.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 916-0294


  • Open 7 days a week

  • Top-notch cleaning service

  • multiple branches

  • Limited services

Kirei Cleaning Services

This cleaning service is best known for its commercial offerings. They offer top-notch cleaning services to businesses.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 363-2475


  • Professional team

  • Highly appreciated cleaning services

  • Best commercial cleaning services

Primero Cleaning Services

This company tailors rental cleaning services according to your demand. They offer very good prices and competitive services. They establish a lasting relationship with their clients.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 723-8548


  • Insurance available

  • Non-toxic cleaning products

  • A bit pricier

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Pros

This company guarantees customer satisfaction and offers ultimate cleaning services.

Contact Information:

Phone number: (604) 332-4447


  • Top-notch cleaning equipment

  • Comprehensive cleaning techniques

Fresh and Clean Carpet Cleaning

With years of experience, this company is another great option for carpet cleaning rental in Vancouver.

Contact Information:

Phone number: 905-669-0607


  • Highly experienced

  • Many types of cleaning services available


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