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48-Hour Rental
30 % OFF!

iClean Compact
Home & Auto's Ultimate Cleaner
Deep cleaning for: rugs, stairs, couches, and car seats!

 $45 Rental - $25 Rebate = $20 Total!

Rent this versatile powerhouse for just $45! Designed for homes and autos, it deep cleans everything from carpets and rugs to stairs, couches, and car seats. Plus, with our $25 rebate policy, your total cost comes down to just $20 for a 48-hour rental. Experience a refreshed feel in every clean!


iClean Super Spot
Spotless Excellence: spray, scrub, and suction away stubborn stains.

 $60 Rental - $25 Rebate = $35 Total!

Erase tough stains in a flash! Pairing the iClean Compact with our Battery Drill Brush, this combo ensures a pre-treatment spray, powerful agitation, and a pristine finish—all for just $35 after our $25 rebate. Dive into 48 hours of unbeatable cleaning power.

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iClean Steam
Fast, fresh & sanitized: revolutionize your carpet cleaning!

✔ $48 Rental - $25 Rebate = $23 Total!

Unveil a cleaner, healthier space with iClean Steam Sanitizer! Harnessing the power of 100°C steam, eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and rejuvenate your carpets with a delightful scent. Our high-speed rotating pads work at 150 scrubs/min, ensuring swift and effortless cleaning. Best part? Carpets dry in just 30-60 minutes. Dive into 48 hours of premium sanitation, all for an unbeatable $23 post our $25 rebate!

iClean Vacuum
From hair tangles to spotless spaces – we've got you covered!

$48 Rental - $25 Rebate = $23 Total!

Step into a hassle-free cleaning era with iClean Vacuum Delight! Engineered for perfection, its self-cleaning brush-roll effortlessly conquers pet hair and tangles on any surface. Transform to handheld mode for those hard-to-reach corners, and let the LED headlights reveal hidden dirt. Dive into 48 hours of unmatched cleaning at just $23 post our $25 rebate. Clean smart, live sparkling!

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